Tuesday, December 14, 2010


After a glorious night's sleep, I felt all charged and ready to go.

We went to the city's technical school, INATEC, a stunning group of almost electric-blue buildings that sits near the heart of the area. There were people abuzz all around working on various repairs for the classrooms. This activity even made its way into our classroom. Wandering minds would jolt straight back to attention whenever a hammer thundered above us.

We spent the first part of the day in this dynamic room learning about the history of blueEnergy, the group that collaborated with Solar Energy International to make such a workshop happen, the energy systems used to provide local citizens with power, and specifically wind turbines.

I observed how the main problem centered around the batteries for the system- they either would short out if powered for too long, if not enough power was being received, or if the energy demand was too high and depleted to power quickly. Learning about such things made me so charged, I wanted to find a way to solve that problem right then and there!

The rest of the day was spent actually working on the construction of the wind turbines. The atmosphere was electric with everyone taking part in their various tasks.

I feel as if this workshop has rebooted my passion for bringing power to rural areas. Although there are many challenges, the overwhelming response from the recipients is that they have truly improved their lives thanks to these changes. Hearing about this from people who have made it their life purpose to continue the works until everyone has been helps has shocked me right down to my core. I, too, would love to do my part in this cause.

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